Young and in love

Jessica. 18. Trevor James Hendry has my heart. <3

Let me out of society's cage: The Pain


Can no one see this smile I’m faking,
See how, inside, I’m constantly shaking?
These people all claim they know me well,
Yet no one can see through my crumbling shell?

“I’m fine”, I whisper, my sadness unknown,
They leave me to deal with this anguish alone.
I’ve hidden behind this wall…


If I knew how to write a song I’d write one everyday It would say that I’m in love with you And why I feel this way It would have to say that you”re pretty And as rare as desert rose It would say that you’re a looker From your head down to your toes You are funny dainty, fragile And as feminine as can be Of all the women I’ve known I must rate you the best. Still so much is left unsaid. it would take me far too long, I know how much I love you If only I could write a song.

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Untitled: is it so hard to define love


I still see your face in my dreams
It hurts and it doesn’t help at all
I still want you in my life as crazy as that seems
I want you to catch me when I fall

I still remember the first time we met
There was something so different about you
Your love was something I wanted to get
That smile…